Ausley McMullen

Public Records Law

Ausley McMullen assists clients in all aspects of compliance with Florida’s Open Government laws.

Florida has broad, complex Open Government Laws. Our attorneys have extensive experience regarding this complicated area of law. Florida’s Public Records Law (Chapter 119, Florida Statutes) and Government in the Sunshine Law (Chapter 286, Florida Statutes) impose numerous compliance obligations on public agencies, private individuals, and companies that contract with government entities or act on their behalf. These laws must be strictly complied with, as there can be significant consequences for their violation.

Members of our team have served as counsel to public agencies at all levels of Florida state government and to private companies that are subject to these laws. Our team has assisted in responding to public records requests and defending against claims that the Open Government Laws have been violated. Our attorneys have also litigated against both public agencies and private entities that refused to turn over records that were subject to the Public Records law or refused to grant access to meetings that were improperly closed under the Sunshine Law. Our team, including our IT staff, has also assisted with large-scale production of documents and electronic records that may become necessary under the Public Records Law.

Ausley McMullen has been asked on several occasions to represent the Florida First Amendment Foundation in Open Government cases. Our team has filed amicus curiae briefs on behalf of the Foundation on open government issues of particular significance.

Our attorneys have been asked to teach seminars to both legal and lay audiences on these laws. Ausley McMullen is therefore well-equipped to advise public agencies and private parties on all aspects of compliance with Florida’s Open Government Laws.

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