Ausley McMullen

Appellate Practice

Ausley McMullen has an experienced appellate practice section prepared to handle matters in all Florida and federal appellate courts.

With Tallahassee serving as the center of Florida government, a substantial amount of constitutional litigation arise with most matters often times reaching the Florida Supreme Court. The Tallahassee area also produces extensive administrative litigation and the firm has lawyers whose primary focus is on such matters at both the agency and appellate levels. Our appellate attorneys are very experienced in handling appeals involving these and other types of complex issues.

Our appellate attorneys include a former Florida Supreme Court justice, a former judge of the District Court of Appeals, and a former Florida Attorney General who provide assistance to attorneys and clients throughout the state. In addition, our appellate attorneys often consult and assist in complex matters at the trial level. When cases are expected to be appealed, the firm often appears as appellate counsel in the trial court to protect the record and prepare for the anticipated appeal.