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Ausley McMullen's experienced appellate attorneys are prepared to handle appeals in all Florida and federal courts.

The Appellate Practice team provides strong appellate advocacy. Attorneys at Ausley McMullen have appeared before every appellate court in Florida, including the Florida Supreme Court, and multiple federal appellate courts including the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, the Eighth Circuit, the Eleventh Circuit, the Federal Circuit, the D.C. Circuit, and the United States Supreme Court.

In addition, the appellate attorneys often consult and assist in complex matters at the trial level. When cases are expected to be appealed, appellate counsel often appear in the trial court to protect the record and prepare for the anticipated appeal.

They also have extensive experience with submitting amicus curiae briefs for clients who are not parties to the case, but who have interests in the case’s outcome.

Types of Appeals

The team’s representation includes appeals for a wide variety of civil and administrative law cases. With Tallahassee serving as the center of Florida government, these attorneys are experienced in constitutional litigation with matters often reaching the Florida Supreme Court. The appellate attorneys are skilled at handling appeals involving these and other types of complex issues.

The Team

The appellate attorneys include a former Florida Attorney General, former clerks for a federal appellate judge, and a former Deputy Florida Solicitor General. These experienced attorneys, among others, provide valuable insight on appellate procedure, strategy, brief writing, and oral advocacy.