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Ausley McMullen handles a wide variety of intellectual property issues involving copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets.

Protection: Registration and Counseling

The team is experienced in trademark acquisition, including drafting and filing U.S. and Florida trademark applications for clients.  As part of this process, they are experienced in conducting trademark searches to determine the likelihood of successfully registering a trademark, and they counsel clients about the relative strength of their proposed trademarks and how to use them.  Attorneys also handle opposition and cancellation proceedings with the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board (TTAB). 

Similarly, the attorneys regularly assist clients to acquire copyright registrations with the U.S. Copyright Office.  The team is experienced in defending clients’ copyright interests in original works of authorship and they help clients understand potential copyright liability and respond to allegations of copyright infringement.

Monetization: Transactions and Due Diligence

Attorneys on the Intellectual Property team draft and negotiate intellectual property licensing, development, and confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements.  They provide their clients legal guidance on a variety of intellectual property issues including advertising clearance, licensing and collaborations, and technology purchase and outsourcing agreements.

Enforcement and Defense: Litigation

Finally, the team is experienced in litigating all aspects of intellectual property issues. This includes copyright, trademark, and patent infringement litigation, trade secret misappropriation litigation, and licensing disputes.

Team members have a wide range of skills and experiences and are able to apply focused knowledge in a variety of business situations involving intellectual property protections.