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Attorneys with Ausley McMullen have extensive experience with all aspects of state and local government procurement and bid protests.

The Government Contract and Bid Protest team attorneys are prepared to deftly handle the opportunities and potential challenges that exist within state and local government procurements and bid protests. They strive to help you develop relationships, look for opportunities, develop requests that increase your chance for success, and facilitate the preparation of strong proposals. Team members have experience representing both private and public sector clients. They also have the skill and sophistication to assist you with contract negotiations and closing the transaction.

Should you find yourself in a bid protest in Florida as either the successful bidder defending an award or a disappointed bidder that believes the process or a competitor’s proposal was flawed, the team has the experience and depth to mobilize quickly, commit the necessary resources and work with you through what is often an extremely expedited process.

The Government Contracts Team

This team has extensive experience with all aspects of state and local government procurement issues. Michael Glazer is Board Certified in State and Federal Government and Administrative Practice by The Florida Bar and Stephen Emmanuel is Chair of the Administrative Law Section of the Florida Bar. Erik (Rick) Figlio served as General Counsel to two Governors and is not only a valuable member of the team in a bid protest, he also maintains close contacts throughout state government. Rob Clarke is Board Certified in Business Litigation by The Florida Bar. Dylan Rivers and Allie Akre also have been in the trenches in multiple bid protests. Richard Doran, former Florida Attorney General, also maintains close ties in the Executive and Legislative branches. These are just some of the lawyers that are standing by to help with your government procurement needs.